Fall and Spring Pricing

Registration Fee (non-refundable)

$30.00 per student    $40.00 per family

This will be added to your account

as soon as you register!

Monthly Installments 

September-May pricing

9 Equal Payments based on 30 classes 

(payments begin in September and continue through May regardless of number of lessons per month)

Fall and Spring Prices

No Recital Fee...Spring Spectacular FUN instead!


We will have our Spring Spectacular in February or March which will

help raise money for the recital and any graduating Senior Scholarships. 

All classes participate with everyone receiving trophies and ribbons.

The recital will be held on My 6th and May 7th, 2022 (times TBA) at the Granville Arts Center.  Rehearsals will be May 2, 3,4 & 5. All classes will participate.  Ballet Classes (not combo classes) will rehearse on May 5th with a full run through of the ballet production.