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The purpose of the Rockwall Ballet Company is to provide a pre-professional company experience for dancers who exhibit a passion for ballet and are considering pursuing ballet or dance as a profession. 

Dancers en pointe (ages 13 and up as of 1/1/25) interested in joining the Rockwall Ballet Company must complete the interest form below and turn it into the front desk by March 1, 2024.  The selection of members is based on technique, stage presence, dependability and work ethic.  Dancers not currently enrolled in leveled ballet classes at CK Studio will be asked to attend a few classes so that our ballet directors can assess their abilities.  If your dancer is unable to attend classes in person, please reach out to us to request an alternative method.  Invitations for our 2024-2025 Rockwall Ballet Company will be sent out by May 15, 2024 along with a contract that must be signed by both the parent and the dancer.  


Interested in being considered for our Rockwall Ballet Company? 

Click on the link below to complete an interest form. 

We must receive it at the front desk by March 1, 2024. 

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